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The Football Bunker is a web application where users pick the winners of the NFL football games each week. You can play against other users on the web or run an office pool online.

1.1 Is the site compatible with all browsers and platforms?

The site has been tested and should be fully compatible with the following browsers:
    Internet Explorer (version 9 and greater)
    Firefox (latest version)
    Google Chrome (latest version)
    Safari (latest version)
Older browser versions may or may not work. Javascript and Cookies must be enabled.

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2.1 Is registration really free?


2.2 Can I register more than once?

Registration requires an active e-mail account. You are allowed only one Football Bunker account per e-mail. If you would like to sign up more than once, you will need to use a different e-mail address for each account.

2.3 Can I change my username?

Your username uniquely identifies your account, and can NOT be changed. Please use care in typing in your username when you register. if you you wish to play under another username, you will need to register again using a different email address.

2.4 I know I registered, but can not remember my password. What should I do?

You can have your password sent to your e-mail account by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" link on the sign-in page. Just enter the e-mail account you used to sign-up for the Football Bunker and your account information will be e-mailed to you.

2.5 What information will be displayed on the site?

Only your username and location (City, State, Country) will be displayed on the Football Bunker site. Your real name and e-mail address will NOT appear on the site. If you use the Football Bunker to send e-mail to other current or potential users, your e-mail address WILL show as the sender and WILL be visble to them.

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3.1 Do I have to select winners of ALL the games in a certain week?


3.2 Do I have to wait for the week of the game to make picks for that week?

No, you can make your picks for any week at anytime as long as it is before the deadline for that week. In general, the deadline for each week is the scheduled start time of the FIRST game on Sunday. This is usually 1pm ET / 10am PT. If there is a Thursday or Saturday game, the deadline for the early game is its scheduled start time.

3.3 How many times can I edit my picks?

You can edit your pick for a game as many times as you like before that game's deadline.

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4.1 How do I join a group?

Once you sign-in to the site, click on "Groups" link at the top of the page. Browse through the list of groups. Once you find one that interest you, click on the group name to go to the group's page. On the group's page there will be a "Join Group" button. Click the button to join the group. Private groups require a password to join.

4.2 How many groups can I join?

You can join as many groups as you like at anytime during the season.

4.3 Do I need to make picks for each of the groups I join?

No, You only make one set of picks. Your picks are valid for ALL groups, so feel free to create and join groups anytime during the season.

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5.1 Can I create my own groups?

Yes, you can create up to 5 groups.

5.2 Can I delete groups that I have created?

You can not delete a group that you have created using the site at this time. If you are a group administrator for a group from a previous season that you would liked removed, please sign in and use the 'Contact Info' page to send a message to request the group be removed.

5.3 Can I use points spreads rather than straight picks for a group I have created?

Sorry, you can not set up your group to use point spreads. All groups can only use straight picks.

5.4 Can I change the name of my group?

When you create a group, you become the administrator for that group. As a group administrator, you can change the name of your group as long as no other players have joined your group. Once other players join, you are not allowed to change the name of the group.

5.5 Can I enter picks for another member of my group?

No, each user must sign in and enter their own picks.

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6.1 How can I post to the message board?

Each group has its own message board. On your group's page, you should see a message area to write and post your messages.

6.2 It says I can't post to the message board. Why not?

Only group members can post to a group's board.

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7.1 How is scoring done.

Just like in the NFL, your record is based on Wins, Losses and Ties. You get a Win(W) when the team you picked wins and a Loss(L) when the team you picked loses. A Tie(T) is recorded when the NFL game ends in a tie.

7.2 How are ties decided.

For overall site rankings, the first tiebreaker is based on who is closest to guessing the total combined score of the Monday Night Football game. If there is still a tie it is broken by how many Confidence Ranking Points you have. Individual groups can decide either to use the Confidence Ranking Points OR the total number of points scored in the Monday Night Football game as the tie-breaker.

7.3 What are Confidence Ranking Points?

When making your weekly pick selections, you are also given the opportunity to rank the games in order of how confident you are that the team you picked will win. A ranking of "1" indicates the game that you are the MOST confident that you picked correctly. The amount of confidence points each game is worth depends upon your rankings. A game that you ranked 1, is worth 20 points (21-1) if you win, a game that you ranked 2, is worth 19 points (21-2) if you win, and so on.

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8.1 How are the user rankings determined?

The rankings on the site are based upon the number of correct picks (wins) a user has.

8.2 Why are some groups not included in the Group Rankings?

In order for a group to be included in the weekly group rankings, at least one member of the group must have submitted picks for that week. To be included in the overall rankings, the group must have been included in the weekly rankings for at least half of the possible weeks.

8.3 Some members of my group didn't make picks for the week. Does this lower my group's ranking?

No, the group ranking for any particular week is based upon the average record of the group members that made picks that week. Therefore, your group won't be penalized for group members that don't submit their picks.

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